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IATSE 709 Member

Film & Television

Since early 2020 I have refocused my makeup career on the film and television industry. This shift helped me rediscover my passion for artistry and creativity. It's never a dull moment on set!

since 2021



SurrealEstate (S1 & S2)

Assistant Makeup Artist

HOD: Skye Tostowaryk

Blue Ice Pictures & Take the Shot Productions

Son of a Critch (S2 & S3)

Assistant Makeup Artist

HOD: Skye Tostowaryk

Project 10 Productions & Take the Shot Productions

Astrid & Lilly Save the World (S1)

Assistant Makeup Artist

HOD: Skye Tostowaryk

Blue Ice Pictures & Take the Shot Productions

Hudson & Rex (S4, S5, S6)

Daily Makeup Artist

HOD: Eva Coudouloux

Pope Productions

Departure (S3)

Daily Makeup Artist

HOD: Quinn Matthews

Shaftesbury Films

What Odds (S1)

Key Makeup Artist

Director: Renee Hackett

Blue Pinion Films

These Are My Mountains (S1)

Prosthetics Assistant

HOD: Tara Murphy

Terra Bruce Productions


That Halloween (2021)

Key Makeup Artist

Writer & Director: Michael Hickey

Davis Films Inc

El Freda (2023)

Key Makeup Artist

Writer & Director: Rhonda Buckley

A film by Rhonda Buckley

Scored by Time (2022)

SPFX Makeup Artist

Writer & Director: Nicola Hawkins

Nicola Hawkins Films

Dead Wife Club (2022)

Key Hair & Makeup 

Director: Shara King

Us 3 Films

Fishbowl (2022)

Key Hair & Makeup

Director: Vaida Nairn

Blackshore Production

Sweetland (2022)

Daily Makeup Artist

HOD: Jennica Panetta

Sara Fost Pictures

La Veillee (2021)

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Writer & Director: Kerrin Kenny

Wicked Pictures

Set Photos

Education & Training


MC College

Makeup Artistry Certificate

- HD film, corrective, photography, B & W, out-of-kit FX & runway makeups


Memorial University

Bachelor of Recreation

- Business, marketing, grant applications & general studies.

2020 - 2022

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Online Courses

- Makeup Effects Basics, Makeup Effects, Fake Beard Application, Covid-safe Makeup Application, How to Airbrush: The Art of Painting with Airbrushes, Age Makeup: Light to Moderate Aging, Tattoo Makeup A-Z: Cover, Create & Apply, Blood Makeup Effects: The Throat Slash, and Silicone Prosthetic Transfer Appliances: Age Makeup.


Professional Makeup Artist Training Course with Skye Tostowaryk



Sanitation Practices for Hair, Nails & Esthetics

Local 709 IATSE Set Etiquette Course


BARBECIDE Certification

Updated 2022

COVID-19 Worksafe Certificate

Updated 2022

WHIMS Certification


Makeup for Dark Skin Women

Mind Lustre Courses 2021

Applying and Airbrushing Prosaide Silicone Transfers with Chris Bridges

Gaslight Studios - 2021

Blood, Trauma and Aging Makeup Course

with Renee Tobin



Behind the Scenes

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