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S∀LT Turned 2!!

What is S∀LT???

The shop S∀LT is a locally owned, girl-boss clothing brand that thrives on individuality, culture, creativity, and expression. The brand rooted from their creative outlet, the S∀LT Philosophy which stands for "revealing genuine moments through artistic expression." Lauren and Emily, the O-G creators of the brand, have used their philosophy and their love for fashion to encourage others to "trust their inspiration." Every piece in their collections are highly versatile and can easily be styled to create unique looks.

Recently S∀LT has collaborated with local artists such as Jessica Waterman and Mike Gough by releasing limited edition lines that feature their artwork. These collaborations have clearly been successful as well; the most recent collection with Jessica Waterman sold out in just a few days!

Time to Party!

After 2 years of successful collections, artist collaborations, and community engagement, S∀LT decided to celebrate. On May 11th the ladies at S∀LT threw a good old fashioned bowling party at St. Pat's Bowling Lanes to celebrate not only their good fortune, but the launch of their new line as well! Attendees has the opportunity to book out bowling lanes, play darts, enjoy a few drinks and check out the on-location pop up shop (which was the public's first opportunity to buy the new line).

S∀LT Strutting Their Stuff

Unfortunately, I missed a lot of the birthday festivities, but luckily I made it just in time for the fashion show at 10pm.

First of all, the venue was stellar. Choosing a bowling alley for a fashion show's runway is bold, but definitely worth it. Seeing the models have fun while strutting up the bowling lanes emphasized the brand's whimsical character and artistic philosophy. Typically, when I think of a fashion show, I picture a formally seated event, but it was rather refreshing to see bowling lanes and black lights turn into a creative catwalk. My only (minor) complaint about the venue was about the lack of light on the models during their pose. Just a few extra black lights would have made their designs more visible. That being said, I don't believe that S∀LT could have done anything to fix the lighting without disrupting the venue or the runway.

Note: I tried really hard to find a single criticism for the show. That was the best I could do.

Nonetheless, the collection was wonderfully presented and aesthetically pleasing. They used a range of male and female models with different body types. It was clear that body diversity was considered in the design process because the entire collection looked absolutely amazing on everyone. It's really cool to see gender neutral clothing look good on everyone who wears it. I was also happy to see some of the pieces styled in various ways on the runway; versatility is my favourite attribute when looking to add pieces to my wardrobe. After watching the show (and slightly creeping their socials) it's evident that their 2019 collection represents the brand's philosophy; "modern aesthetic and genuine nature."

Every piece looked great but, I narrowed down my favourites to the cropped muscle tank and the S∀LT plaid. I especially loved the plaid shirt tied around the waist of the t-shirt dresses. After looking at their online shop as well, I'm thinking that my wardrobe could be a little saltier. The Lights Out long sleeve and the black ball cap are up first!

To say the least, I believe the S∀LT crew did an excellent job; the venue was unique and fun, Remix86 kept the party jams coming, and the girls killed it with their designs. I cannot wait to see what they do next!

Do yourself, your community and your economy a favour and support this local business!

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Terry Day Photography

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