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Products I Tried in May and Now Love in June

It's time for a second round of beauty product reviews.

Fun fact: every single product below is a shade of pink or brown in some way.

Boscia Rosewater Mist with Witch Hazel

$32 - clean product at Sephora

To be completely honest, I purchased this specific facial spray because the bottle is a pretty shade of pink. I was helping my friend Jessie pick out new skincare products at Sephora when I noticed the aesthetically pleasing bottle glowing like an angel under the display LEDs.

I was already in the market for a hydrating facial mist of some sort but, I wasn't actively looking nor had I done any research. I wanted a facial spray like this one because of my daily schedule; I only have enough time in the morning to complete my skincare routine and then do my makeup around 11am (after work and a nap). I don't enjoy reapplying moisturizer just a few hours later, but my skin feels a lot nicer with a little added moisture. This product is the perfect little refresher for my skin and helps to create a more flawless makeup application. Moisturized skin always provides the perfect canvas. This spray also smells great, contains amazing ingredients like witch hazel and aloe vera, and was formulated to work as a setting spray. And to top it all off I got this bad boy for 20% off because I have a makeup addiction and Sephora was having a rouge sale.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss - Caramel


I normally don't wear a lot of lipgloss because of the high winds in Newfoundland, but I love a good glossy pout. I was suggested this lipgloss in the shade Caramel by too many makeup artists to ignore it. Caramel is the perfect shade of nude; it has just enough pigment for a gloss. I believe it could be a universally flattering shade. The formula is like none I've seen before. Normally I find lipglosses are too sticky, but this one has a perfect consistency. FINALLY! A GLOSS THAT IS NOT STICKY! I am obsessed with the formula, the shade, the wear, and the convenient cocoon tip applicator (cups your lips perfectly for easier application). I will be buying more shades asap. This gloss is $39, but I promise that it is worth every penny.

Pixi Beauty Skin Treats Rose Tonic


My skin, as you probably know by now, is very oily and I have a lot of trouble combating shine. I recently started using the rose tonic (picked this one up because it was pink, too) and I've noticed a big improvement in just a couple of weeks. Not only does it help to combat my excessive oil but, I have also noticed a considerable reduction in my acne scars and redness. Its fresh scent and gentle formula make it perfect for everyday use as well.

As for any skincare product, you will always get better results with a routine. I apply this after washing my face in the mornings and right before my serum and moisturizer. I found with regular use (I'm not perfect though) I had a smoother complexion and overall plumpness to my skin. It could be hormone-related, but I also noticed a decrease in breakouts.

I just love it when the pink products end up being stars. <3

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation


I was suggested to try the MUFE HD foundation by a local makeup artist named Alison Best. She told me that she swears by it and uses it in her professional kit. A couple of days later, MUFE released a foundation palette that consisted of the stick formula. I took this as a sign and ordered it for my kit. I clearly love this foundation because I have emptied 3 of 6 pans already. I am always reaching for it. I’ve even added it to my personal beauty routine.

I find the stick formula extremely blendable and gives a beautiful natural look to the skin. It is a medium-high foundation with a satin finish so, it's technically best tailored to those with normal or dry skin. That being said, it lasted all day on my oily skin with just a little bit of setting powder.

I can't say enough good things about this foundation. I highly recommend it.

PS. I use a brush to apply this foundation instead of my beauty blender.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow Everyday Tinted Body Lotion


I have always been a fan of St. Tropez's tanning products, but I royally suck at applying self-tanner without ending up with pigmented patches. Not a cute look. I found this gem at Marshall's for only $15 one day and decided to give it a go. For the most part, I ended up with an even sun-kissed glow. However, I did find that the moisturizer sticks to dryer patches of skin and caused extra pigmentation in these areas. You can avoid this by exfoliating your skin beforehand or completely avoiding smaller dry areas (knee caps or ankles).

Other then that, I found the formula to be streak free and ultra-hydrating. Its subtle touch of bronze acted like a BB cream for your body in that it helped to blur imperfections on the skin.Immediately after applying, I noticed a glow that developed into a light gold colour within just a few hours. The formula isn't too greasy and dries relatively fast as well. I would also suggest avoiding any activities that involve sweating immediately after applying. I applied it right before volleyball one day and ended up with white lines where my socks, knee pads, and shorts were. Oops!

Overall, if you're looking for a subtle goddess glow without the trickiness of self-tanner, then this is the perfect product for you. It's (almost) foolproof.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush - Harmony


I was given this blush in the shade harmony from the highly talented MUA, Skye Tostowaryk after she dolled me up for a Game of Thrones-themed photo shoot (check my personal Instagram for great pics). In fact, I was wearing one of these blushes during that workshop, as well. If it can survive horrible wind, rain and ocean spray, then it can last through anything.

This long-wearing blush may be highly pigmented, but it still blends out easily. I suggest tapping your brush to the product, rather than swiping and then shake any excess off. I also really like that this blush is matte and doesn’t contain any shimmer. I personally would rather apply highlighter to my cheekbones for added sparkle.

Harmony is a very flattering shade that I find neutral enough to wear lightly every day, but still pink enough to build up for a glam look.

Overall I don’t know if I’ve ever tried a higher quality blush before and I've tried my fair share. If you’re unsure of what blush to try next, I highly suggest trying any of the Tarte blushes. The only problem is that there are too many colours to choose from.

Dior Addict Stellar Shine Lipstick - Be Dior (satin finish)


I purchased this lipstick because its reviews were great and because I am a complete sucker for designer lipsticks. However, I picked the shade Be Dior because Cara Delevingne killed it in Dior’s beauty campaign for the product featuring Aerosmith’s song ”Pink.” So yes, Dior’s marketing techniques worked on me.

I actually ended up loving the formula of this lipstick; it’s creamy and leaves my lips feeling moisturized and plump but, not sticky. I also love the line’s range of colours. There are a lot more fun shades that I think will cater to younger generations in contrast to their previous lines that feature classic shades. My generation is pretty broke so we need pretty good reasons to invest in luxury items. It’s time for the big brands to impress us.

This lipstick lasts about 2 hours on my lips before it begins to subtlety fade, but I still feel the moisturizing effects hours later. It's like the prettiest little moisturizer for my lips. Considering I am not a fan of matte finishes, I am quite used to reapplying my lipstick every few hours. Lipstick is the only cosmetic I don’t mind reapplying throughout the day (as long as it doesn’t bleed or look silly, at least).

I am simply obsessed with the colour, the pure shine finish, and the texture. It’s like Elle Woods and Renée Rouleau (skincare expert) created a lipstick together. Perfection.

Milkshake Dry Shampoo


After getting my hair done recently by a head stylist at Milkshake, I received this travel-sized dry shampoo as a model gift. Well, now I can't stop using the thing. I literally use it every day whether I'm refreshing my oily hair or adding some texture to my curls.

As a person who loathes the thought of washing my thick hair, I could not live without dry shampoo. That being said, I am very picky about my hair care products. In a dry shampoo, I want added volume and texture, little to no white residue and for it to work. This dry shampoo from Milkshake's Lifestyling line checks off all of my boxes. I've tried countless dry shampoos, and this is the only one that does a great job on my thick hair.

A special shout out to Juicy Couture's Bowdacious perfume (featured in first picture).

Let me know in the comments if you'd like my next product review to be a feature on perfumes!


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