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Pari Henna Art x Maddie Mills x DF Jewelry

- Local Girl Bosses -

Back in May, I was approached by Parinita Verma of Pari Henna Body Art to take part in a creative project that showcased local female talent. Being the girl-boss supporter that I am, I was happy to oblige. The plan was to model henna art and df jewelry during a photoshoot with the talented Maddie Mills. All I had to do was decide on the perfect spring-themed outfit to wear and attempt at modelling...again.

A couple of days before the scheduled photoshoot I was invited over to Parinita's home to complete the henna. I picked out a couple of henna designs off of Pinterest for inspiration and let Parinita's creative juices flow. I had planned on wearing a floral print dress so, we decided on a leafy design to follow suit. Let me just say, Parinita is incredibly talented! I thought my hands were steady as an MUA, but she is unbelievable. My henna design came out flawlessly. She also did the cutest little henna drawing on my opposite wrist that resembled a future tattoo idea of mine. To allow the henna to really set into my skin, we wrapped it all up and let it sit all day.

By the day of the photoshoot, the henna ink had darkened to a beautiful warm brown colour. I put together a simple ensemble for the shoot that complemented the henna well; a blush floral dress from Rw&co, a pair of platform sandals from Aldo, and a pair of adorable earrings from Daniela Fougere Jewelry.

The morning of the photoshoot, we all met on the Jack Astor's patio downtown. Luckily we had a beautiful sunny day where we didn't need a parka in Newfoundland. The air was a tad chilly from the ocean breeze to be showing leg, but it was more manageable than a spring snowstorm.

Maddie Mills was the biggest ray of sunshine right from the start. Before this project, most of us had only known each other from light Instagram-stalking if at all, so it was nice to have a super bubbly personality around to break the ice. By the time we got to the third location for photos, we were all laughing and hyping each other up. It was really fun to all pretend to be best friends for the day! lol

Overall, I had a great time hanging out with everyone and helping to support our local girl gang. Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous in their spring attire and henna. Each girl had beautifully unique henna designs that portrayed small pieces of their personalities. Parinita did a fantastic job and Maddie did a great job of documenting that day.

Within a few short weeks, Maddie had finished editing the photos from the shoot. They all turned out great! Her editing style made the photos so vivid, and she clearly has a mutual appreciation for white wall pics. They turned out so crisp and aesthetically pleasing. Kudos to anyone who can turn my potato-level modelling skills into something awesome.


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