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My First Time in a Louis Vuitton Store

Disclaimer: Before you way harshly judge me for liking designer brands like Louis Vuitton, please be aware of two main things.

1) I prefer to buy things of high quality and an expected long lifespan. I don’t care how much something is as long as it’s worth my time. Whether it costs $10 or $1000 I’m going to buy the one that lasts me the longest.

2) Your opinions will not alter my love for designer brands. #hatersgonnahate

Life tip: Buy things once (or only as often as needed). Don’t waste your time or your money on crap quality. You’ll save more in the long run if you buy things right the first time.

You all should know by now that I'm obsessed with fashion and designers; especially Louis

Vuitton amongst other brands. My mother even introduced my handbag to the entire family as if it

was one of us. Despite my admiration, prior to my trip to Toronto, I had never stepped inside a Louis Vuitton store. Luckily, I had the chance to go to, not one but, two different locations during my vacay; one on Bloor Street West and the other within Saks Fifth Avenue. I had less than satisfying experiences at both, unfortunately, but they were incredibly clean and simply beautiful stores! I’m not a huge fan of how yellow the lighting and decor was, however, I understand it matches the company’s branding. There were many large displays of gorgeous handbags and racks of clothing that I would swear came right from backstage of a fashion show. I was way too afraid to try anything on TBH. There were also many display cases filled with a large selection of wallets, jewelry, scarves, perfumes and other accessories. I loved the overall appearance of the stores; they looked luxurious and carried an elite atmosphere (as expected).

150 Bloor Street West

Walking into the Bloor Street West location I had zero intention of buying anything. I had just recently added the LV Croisette to my collection (thanks to the best boyfriend in the world) and I didn't really want to add another designer bag so soon after it. Also, Terry would have killed me if I purchased another handbag so soon. All that being said, I would have considered purchasing a wallet if I fell in love with something reasonably priced. Walking in I honestly didn’t feel as welcome as I would have hoped. I don’t know if I expected a musical dance number in my honour or just general retail kindness from the LV staff, but I was very disappointed to get neither. The staff said hello and they checked in on us every now and again, but their gestures felt very forced and as if we were inconveniencing their store with our presence. Only two sales associates tried to make conversation with me during my entire visit; one was on the men’s floor (which would have been perfect if Terry wasn’t more of a Patagucci guy) and the other only spoke to me after I helped him clean up a mess he had made on the floor. Overall the staff weren’t rude but, they weren’t fantastic either. I expected way better.

I do have to say that the Bloor Street location was the second prettiest designer store I saw during my trip after Tiffany's (note: did not go to Louboutin or Chanel). So obviously I had to get a model-esque photo taken outside of it. If only stores worked solely on the way they looked. #shade

Customer Service - 2/5

Presentation - 4.5/5

Saks Fifth Avenue

Terry asked me to find him a fashion photography book from LV while I was in Toronto so when I had time I went to the Sak's Fifth Avenue location. I was very happy to go and browse as well. Holy cow, I am still shocked at how little they cared about their customers. I didn’t see any of the sales associates talk to the customers within their store whatsoever. There were people browsing everywhere but I noticed the staff were too busy chatting or staring at the ceiling to do their jobs. So I politely asked the closest sales lady to help me find this specific book for Terry. She actually rolled her eyes and sighed before moving from behind the counter to help me. Like, I'm so sorry to inconvenience you while you’re working for commission?!?!? Long story short, the book was not in stock and I was somewhat happy to leave. Again, the staff were not incredibly rude but, definitely not fantastic in any sense.

Customer Service - 0.75/5

Presentation - 4/5

I was really hoping for some stellar customer service from Louis Vuitton after the hell they put Terry through while trying to order my purse a while back. No redemption was made, unfortunately. Our bad first impression turned into a second, third, and fourth impression. I love their products but, I’m going to need some superstar attitudes and service next time I shop with them or I'll find somewhere else to shop. YSL or Chloè maybe?

How have you guys experienced Louis Vuitton?

Should I give them a second chance?

Let me know in the comments!

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