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Macaron Review: Dani Bakes Sweets


$15 for 1/2 dozen macarons (received 7)


Burdell Place, St. John's


Phone: (709) 749-0791


Facebook Page



Not too long ago I stumbled across Dani's Instagram page @danibakes_sweets and decided that my insta feed could use some extra sweetness. Shortly after following her I noticed that she was taking orders for Easter macarons so obviously, I jumped on that train (you'll come to learn that I have a borderline unhealthy addiction to macarons). Ordering with her was extremely easy; all you had to do was send her a message that you wanted in on the goods and pay upfront via e-transfer (completely understandable). She told me that I could pick them up anytime on the Saturday before Easter. I was more excited about ordering macarons than I was about my last Sephora order (I have a BIG sweet tooth).

Funnily enough, I totally forgot about the macaron order until just a few days prior to the pick up date when I received a message from Dani. ***Life Tip: It's incredibly easy to send yourself surprises when you forget about ordering them in the first place (and that includes online shopping while wine-drunk).

On the Saturday before Easter I planned a brunch at my place with girls so Rebecca and I made a quick Costco trip (lol jk) for supplies, and then stopped to pick up the macarons (Dani is just as sweet as her baking in case you were wondering). When we got back to the house Rebecca spent the better part of an hour taking insta-worthy pics of the macarons for me while I made brunch (pretty good deal in my opinion). They turned out so well; bless her heart. <3


Dani's Easter macarons were gorgeously decorated and highly photogenic. Each one had an easter-y colour scheme or pattern like easter eggs. They were so cute! The pink were my favourite (well duuuhh) because one had a pattern that looked like the Louis Vuitton logo. My kind of macaron! This was the first time I had macarons presented to me in an actual macaron pastry box. I really appreciate this because the narrow box protects the macarons from breaking and they are so much prettier presented on their side.

------- #MacaronAesthetic -------


The three flavours I received in my Easter order were lemon blueberry (yellow), partridgeberry (pink) and mini egg (blue). Each had amazing and rich flavours. I really enjoyed the partridgeberry flavour for its unique flavour and jam filling, however, I think it's obvious what my favourite was mini egg. You really can't go wrong with chocolate. Dani literally mixed two of my favourite things; chocolate and macarons. These creative little easter egg cookies had a wonderful the best chocolate filling. Dani really out did herself on these ones. 10/10.

Final Thoughts:

Dani definitely bakes the sweetest sweets. Overall her macarons were very flavourful, lacked air bubbles and had the perfect consistency. She is clearly a talented baker with a creative flare. I will definitely be ordering more of her amazing macarons in the future!

If you want to try some for yourself, Dani will be at the SJ Farmer’s Market on June 1st, the Sunday Family Market on June 2nd and the Market at the Marina on July 7th. Check out her facebook page here for more details!

xoxo <3

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