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Gerbig Family Reunion 2018

The first few days Terry and I spent in PEI were pretty typical of my trips home; we go to the famous red beaches and eat way too much ice cream from Billy Timber Ice Cream downtown, Charlottetown. We also managed to fit in a trip to Moncton for a few hours after my flight.

We were only there long enough to make a Costco shopping haul for the reunion party and stop for coffee. On the way back my parents showed Terry and I a really cool view of Confederation Bridge from a different angle. If only Terry brought his camera.

It was a little weird being at home this time around because it was my first time home since Brownie, my childhood puppy, was put down after 14 1/2 years. She was the absolute best dog we could have asked for; one of the Gerbig's. Seeing her ashes in the urn and her old collar put me through a crying fit. It broke my heart to say goodbye but we knew it was time. Life goes on and I'm forever thankful she was in mine. Rest in peace, baby girl. </3

The day after my flight Sam decided to bring me to her college gym and show me a thing or two. Holy sh*t, her workout killed me. It was really good, but it took me days to recover. She taught me to deadlift safely (I set a PR, nbd) and put together a workout plan for me. If you want a personalized training plan or nutrition guide for yourself check out her page, Gerbig Fitness. You won't regret it!

After a couple days of evening out Newfie tan and eating more ice cream, the rest of the Gerbig tribe started to arrive. Very last minute we decided to organize a recreational outing with the cousins. 8 of 10 cousins and Terry went out to Red Rock Climbing Wall to try some indoor rock climbing (aka show off to the fam). Terry did most of the showing off, though. A combination of my long break away from climbing and my fresh acrylic manicure made it very difficult to complete many routes (the route setting was pretty much non-existent anyway). Now I know why rock climbers don't have pretty nails. This outing was a fun way to kill an hour and have a laugh with my family.

The Night Before

(Sorry Sam, but I love this photo)

The night before the reunion party, most of the family got together at my parents' house for supper and the beginning of the drinking festivities. While waiting for my Aunt and cousins Corey and Jerrod to arrive from the states, we watched a slideshow of old photos (but not before a random sword fight broke out between my brother and youngest cousin). My sister Ashley spent weeks compiling all the photos from old computers and Facebook pages just for the reunion. We ended up spending the better part of an hour roasting each other and the hilarious throwback photos. Jokes aside, it was really nice to see photos from memories we all thought we had forgotten about.

Gerbig Reunion!


The last day I was in Charlottetown was the main event. In preparation, we filled both fridges full of finger foods, meal prep and a very unhealthy amount of alcohol. My wonderful mother, bless her heart, spent days if not weeks planning the event and all of the food to be served. There were only 19 (I think) in attendance but, we had enough appetizers, dishes, snacks and decadent desserts to feed an army. I have never eaten (or drank) so much in my life. After a couple rounds of giant beer pong, I had recovered from my food baby and the entire family gathered in the living room to sing songs and tell stories. I had no idea that my brother and older sister could sing so well. I had GOOSEBUMPS, like actual chills, while they sang their rendition of Hallelujah. I don't have a musically talented bone in my body and neither do my parents so I don't know where that came from.

Classic Grandpa fell asleep on the couch after a few Rye and Gingers so the cousins sneaked away to the patio to play a (highly intoxicated) game of Cards Against Humanity. This is my favourite memory of the entire reunion. The last time we got together I'm not sure if anyone was actually legally allowed to drink; we were more than likely huddled around a coffee table in our grandparent's basement playing with a toy tea set and watching a movie on VHS like Mrs. Doubtfire or George of the Jungle. So many good memories were made that night that I changed my early morning flight in order to spend more time with my family.

I'm so glad I did because the next day Terry, Corey, Jared, Jeremy, and Nick had the best time playing around on Seadoos in the Charlottetown harbor. I told everyone prior to departing the dock not to splash me because I had a flight in 3 hours. Yahhhhh I got drenched. Should have seen that coming. Eventually, it became an epic game of splashing each other. Our Mad Max-like adventure was sooo worth the stress of trying to dry my clothes 45 minutes before my flight.

I had so much fun at the Gerbig Reunion. I really wished I hadn't had to leave so soon, but Simple Plan and the other throwback punk bands set to play at the last Vans Warped Tour (ever) were screaming my name. Hopefully, the next time the Gerbig's get together it will be before 10 years pass (and maybe for a wedding). Love you all <3

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