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Ethereal Babes Do It Better.

Pronounced ih-theer-ee-uh-l

Since 2017 Megan Warren and her beautiful store, Ethereal Boutique, have been blessing our wardrobes and Instagram feeds with handpicked styles that suit every "fashion-forward, yet simple gal." Since the very beginning, Megan's unique passion for fashion has shined brilliantly through her store and her carefully chosen merchandise. And since the pastel pink doors opened downtown on New Gower Street, her light has continued to shine even brighter.

I began visiting Megan's store in the spring when I first pondered the thought of starting my own blog. I had been following Megan's blog Don't Forget to Sparkle since it started back in 2015 and harmlessly stalked her store on Instagram until I finally decided to make the trip downtown to say hello. Since then Ethereal Boutique has easily become my favourite store in eastern Canada, if not in general. Everything I want out of a retail experience is there and I honestly couldn't say a single negative thing. Between exceptional customer service, stellar style and brand selection, community involvement, and constant sales promotions, you can't go wrong by supporting this local girl gang.

Customer Service

If you're like me, shopping is a complete experience. If I didn't want over the top customer service I would be shopping online exclusively. I want to be treated like my business is appreciated whether I'm spending a lot of money or nothing at all. Based on conversations I've had with Megan during my trips down to her store, she feels the exact same way. Every single time I shop at Ethereal Boutique I experience star quality customer service and appreciation. 10/10 would definitely recommend to the entire internet. Normally when I shop in a franchised store, I can immediately tell that my presence doesn't matter. Knowing that my hard earned cash goes directly into a rich CEO's pocket can also dampen the shopping experience. But when you shop at Ethereal, you're treated as if you've been best friends with Megan and her staff for years, and that makes all of the difference. Customer service can make or break any retailer, and Megan has certainly figured out how to make it (12 years prior retail experience would definitely help in that department haha).

Style Selection

Anyone else feel like Megan picks her merchandise with you specifically in mind? It really can't be just me. It's like she purposely picked all of my favourite colour schemes and brands including Project Social T and Mink Mink. God, I love my Mink Pink. There's something cute for everyone, too. I challenge all of you to go in there and not fall in love with one piece. It's impossible. I honestly need to stop visiting her store because I fall in love with too many pieces every single time. The struggle is real, y'all!! One of my favourite parts of Megan's brad is that she goes many steps further than just supplying us with trendy pieces. She also shows us multiple ways to style each piece via social media or in person. She makes it that much easier to have insta-worthy looks. There's no work needed. No second guessing your outfit. You know how to rock it before you even try it on. The best skills you can learn for your wardrobe is versatility, creativity, and confidence, and Megan is helping us girls out in all three departments.


I am absolutely loving the #shoplocal movement and how many people are committing to supporting local businesses rather than shopping in box stores. Megan has proven over and over that she is a huge supporter as well despite being a local business owner herself. She understands the importance of building a local economy and I believe that understanding mixed with her genuine heart is why she goes out of her way to incorporate so many local businesses within her own brand. Some of my favourites include Figgy Dory Duff, Daniela Fougere Jewelry and Em & May. It feels so so so good to give my money to local creators and its wayyyyy more convenient to do so in one kick-ass spot. I cannot wait to see who else Megan will collaborate with in the future!


So if you made it to the end of this long love ballad for everything Ethereal Boutique then I should apologize in advance. Specifically, I should apologize to your wallet because you probably won't be able to resist making a shopping trip in the near future. No one would blame you. You really can't go wrong by shopping with Megan. She really cares about her people and everything behind the little pink door on 199 New Gower Street. Thank you dearly Megan for continuing to teach us and inspire us to be a little more sparkly every single day. We love everything that you do. xoxo <3

Ps. Happy 1st Anniversary, babe! So proud of you!

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